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Jen Gray | Contact

Editor | Photographer

Founder of The Spectatour, Jen Gray, expresses her love of music through art and photography. She’s an observer with a unique eye and has an uncanny ability to capture the mood of her subjects beyond sights and sounds. When she isn’t making pretty pictures, she loves to travel to explore historical sites and snooze in the shade by the ocean.

Ava Jane

Interviewer | Photographer | Reviewer | Vlogger

Eight-year old Ava Jane has an old rock ‘n’ roll soul. Though she enjoys a variety of genres spanning multiple decades, she lists The Beatles, Led Zeppelin, Tom Petty, and other classic rock artists among her favorites. Her current favorite song is the Johnny Cash cover of “Hurt” by Nine Inch Nails. Her other interests include Minecraft, Roblox, dancing, soccer, and parkour.

Though she is our youngest contributor, she is every bit as hard working and professional as the rest of our staff.

Danya Artimisi

Editor | Writer | Interviewer | Reviewer | Photographer

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Brittany Arvin

Writer | Reviewer

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Chrissy Arvin

Writer | Reviewer | Photographer

Chrissy Arvin is a writer, editor, and photographer that aspires to share her passion for each with as many people as possible. She loves to immerse herself in copious genres of live musical performances- from large event venues with national touring artists to the local pub at an Open Mic event- and then recollecting her thoughts with others on the performances, especially those that are felt deep within the soul, stirring the fire within. During the daytime, she works as an administrative professional. She is also a wife and mom/bonus mom to five stellar offspring as well as an avid St. Louis Cardinals fan.

Jennifer Carroll

Writer | Reviewer

Influenced heavily by her family, music has always been a great passion in her life. Her favorite artists span multiple decades, ranging anywhere from Buddy Holly to Nirvana. One of her personal idols is George Harrison. She is all about the nostalgia when it comes to music, and the place or moment in your life it can take you back to.

Brian Gray

Videographer| Photographer | Editor

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Maddie Monan

Writer | Reviewer

A rock and roll fan by blood, Maddie Monan has traveled all over the Midwest to attend a blend of high and low key venues and shows of all types of music. Some concerts she has attended include Panic! At the Disco, Mr. Speed – KISS tribute, Marc Martel – The Ultimate Queen Celebration, and Imagine Dragons. She is a college medical student who loves reading and traveling. She sees any kind of experience as a learning opportunity and values making connections to all kinds of people.

Steve Money

Photographer | Writer

Born and raised in Northern NY, Steve moved to St Louis in 1996. He has been an avid photographer since middle school, having the job as photographer and editor of his high school yearbook, along with photographing his local sports teams. Steve was introduced to music photography in 2015, photographing Highly Suspect at Blueberry Hill Duck Room. While waiting for the headliner, he discovered The Hush List, a local St Louis band that really turned him into a fan of St Louis rock music. He’s photographed dozens of bands from local to main stream. Nikon is his choice of equipment to capture the essence of the shows he’s covered. You can check out his photography on Facebook @MoneyShotzPhoto.

Chris Potsos

Writer | Reviewer

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Betsey Rusco

Writer | Reviewer

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Mazzy Vai

Writer | Reviewer

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Dana Williamson

Writer | Reviewer | Interviewer

Dana Williamson is a multi-instrumentalist who grew up playing in symphony orchestras and now applies her classical training to rocking the electric violin, arranging, and live loop performing. Dana strives to interview and review based on the inspiring qualities of live performance through the eyes of a musician.