Album Review: Odds Lane delivers a coup de grace with their latest album

The record is inimitable. I’m just putting that out there right now.

Right out of the gate, the first track, “Don’t Give It Away”, was ideally placed. It penetrates your soul and satisfies your hunger for the perfect jam. Envision yourself driving, blasting this track, singing (or if you’re me, performing for your pretend audience in your head), and not even giving a shit who sees you.

Odds Lane is comprised of two very long-time friends, Doug Byrkit and Brian Zielie. To say that they’ve put in their time is an understatement. They’ve both based their lives and livelihood on a vast spectrum of music genres, bands, studio projects, bar gigs, and even teaching music lessons and college music history classes. We’re talking two very educated, intelligent, yet creative and gifted musicians who demonstrate their ability to write music that exhibits elements of all of the above.

Lost & Found is the band’s third and latest release to date and dare I say, undoubtedly their best. Every single track has the power behind it to launch one right over the Green Monster. The record is in contrast to their previous releases. And although it seems as though they’ve experimented with different sounds, the duo has found their niche.

Lost & Found possesses a very organic authenticity from Doug and Brian. The pair went all in with this record as though it was their last ditch effort to impress even the toughest critics of the world. However, this isn’t the case. They’re just that good. They abandoned their efforts to produce a sound that they thought would resonate with people, when in reality, this is a perfect example of how bearing your genuine soul is what breaks down any cynic’s skeptical judgement. If you are willing to display your vulnerability like these two dudes did, you’ve discovered the secret to an impactful breakthrough.

The record’s release is set for Friday, June 7th, with a show at the National Blues Museum with special guest and labelmate, Tony Campanella. Tickets are on sale now and only $15 will get you in the door. You can also pre-order Lost & Found and be entered to win one of eleven signed copies of the original lyric sheets used during their recording sessions with Mike Zito at MARZ Studios in Nederland, Texas.

Notable heavy hitters related to the production of this album include long-time friend, former bandmate, and Billboard Blues artist, Mike Zito, as well as Grammy Award Winner, David Z. The record is being released under Zito’s own label, Gulf Coast Records.

I refuse to liken a band to another band’s sound, nor do I find it necessary to categorize anyone’s creation into a genre. However, with this album, you’re going to get blues-y rock licks, riffs, and hooks with lyrics that are relatable.

You can catch the live and in-your-face version of this incredible album very soon as the band hits the road this summer for a Midwestern tour. Find their dates and everything else you need to know about all them at

In a very concise summary, get the damn album. It’s excellent.

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