Tantric at the Terre Haute Brewing Company

I’ve been a fan of Tantric for many years, and it was so exciting to see them in my city of residence. Tantric has been around since 1999, and has had many personnel changes, but the music is never compromised. I would even venture to say they’re better live than on recordings. Founding member Hugo Ferreira always surrounds himself with musicians that suit the sound and spirit of Tantric. The current band members are Hugo Ferreira on vocals, Sebastian LaBar on guitar, Joran Gulino on bass and Nick Gray on drums. All of these guys are seriously great musicians and have tremendous high-energy stage presence.

Photo by Dana Williamson

I hadn’t seen Tantric in 9 years, and while the personnel has changed, the music remains as awesome as ever. Tantric has their own unique unmistakable hard rock sound with truthful lyrics, baritone vocals, heavy rhythms, and intricate guitar parts, but they aren’t afraid to occasionally quiet things down for soul-baring songs such as “Mourning.” They opened the show with what is probably their most well known song, “Down and Out,” and while I missed the signature electric violin, (I’m biased as an electric violinist myself,) this was the perfect song to draw in the crowd. They played songs spanning their 20 year career from their first and self titled album, through 2018’s Mercury Retrograde. They even included a cover of the classic Whitesnake song “Is This Love.”

The guys are just as gracious off stage as on. They have a very welcoming disposition and are always happy to chat and take pictures with fans. Tantric has a full touring schedule alternating double bills with Trapt and as part of the Muddfest tour.

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