Judah and the Lion announce 2019 World Tour

Check out their website: https://judahandthelion.com/
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/judahandthelion
Twitter: https://twitter.com/judahandthelion

The Nashville based alternative band, Judah and the Lion, recently announced the upcoming release of their upcoming fourth studio album, Pep Talks, and a world tour that includes stops in Ireland, Germany, Canada, and (of course) multiple US cities, including two nights in St Louis in October- the only city on the tour with multiple show dates.

If you’re into folk, hip hop, rock & roll, or even gospel- Judah and the Lion is a band you need to listen to immediately! They incorporate a banjo, mandolin, accordion, and other instruments to provide a truly unique sound. Lead singer, Judah Lee, proves to be a passionate presence on stage as he weaves his story and teaches his new songs to the crowd as the show progresses, leading to a truly unique experience.

The 2018 iHeart Music award winner for Best New Rock/Alternative Rock artist, Judah and the Lion is offering a unique opportunity for fans before they head out for the summer with their “intimate listening and storytelling experience” in six separate locations, including The Blue Note in Colombia, MO on April 25. These shows will be in small settings and will allow for the band to share the stories behind the songs that make up the new Pep Talk album, set for release this May. Get your tickets for that show here: http://thebluenote.com/event/pep-talks-judah-lion/?fbclid=IwAR08YtjN_uyBCDgWPqGV7c17veAiJGBNU-c6cSht0KmBsIVd9wow7qy9OOg

Tickets are on sale NOW for many of the above listed shows. With clean, heartfelt lyrics, the shows are appropriate for all ages and highly recommended! I hope to see many of you out this year at a show!

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