Twenty Øne PilØts Rise Above at Enterprise Center

Drummer Josh Dun puts down a beat during the Bandito Tour.
Photo by Chrissy Arvin.

By: Chrissy Arvin

SAINT LOUIS, Missouri, October 19, 2018- Last Friday night was one for the record books as Ohio-based Twenty Øne PilØts performed in front of a sold out crowd at The Enterprise Center in downtown St. Louis. 

The line for general admission quickly formed outside of the venue beginning promptly at 8AM local time. All of the hardware stores in the county were surely bought out of all their rolls of yellow duct tape as fans of all ages prepared for the show. 

Max Frost

The show opened with an up-and-coming multi-instrument artist, Max Frost. Frost is a singer, songwriter, producer, and musician all-in-one and looped his own sounds from guitars, drums, vocals, and more on stage right before the eyes of all in attendance. He hails from Austin, Texas and has released two EP’s, Low High Low, and Intoxication.

Max Frost wowed the crowd with his on-stage looping of multiple instruments. Check him out at
Photo by Chrissy Arvin. 


The second opening act of the evening was California-based AWOLNATION. Lead singer, Aaron Bruno, brought immense fiery passion to the stage. His love of hardcore punk shines through with hints of soft falsetto, appealing to the masses. The crowd collectively sang their sextuple-platinum selling song, Sail, to complete their set. 

AWOLNATION brought the house down with their chart topping hit, Sail.
Photo by Chrissy Arvin.

Twenty Øne PilØts

After a set change, the floor was packed and the crowd was eager with anticipation for the headlining act. Tyler Joseph and Josh Dun did not disappoint on their third show of the Bandito tour. From lighting their infamous car on fire on stage, to disappearing acts, to sky walking over the crowd, every moment of the performance was showstopping. 

Twenty Øne PilØts rise above the crowd at Friday’s show at The Enterprise Center in St Louis.
Photo by Chrissy Arvin.

The set list opened with the first single released from the new Trench album, Jumpsuit. The boys from Columbus wore jumpsuits as they lit the car from the Heavydirtysoul music video aflame. The crowd went crazy as they entered the room and it was obvious the duo was ready to amaze after a year-long hiatus from social media and mainstream living. It was a magical moment as yellow confetti covered the GA crowd.

A panoramic view of the crowd during the playing of Nico and the Niners. Fans were given small sheets of yellow paper to hold over their phones for this particular song and it made for an incredible view.
Photo by Chrissy Arvin.

It is evident that talent runs deep in the veins of Tyler Joseph. He lacks no musical influence, as there are hints of metal, rock, hip-top, reggae, gospel, electronica, and more throughout each song with just the right mix for each individual track. Listeners of all ages can be easily pleased with what can be brought before them at a TØP show. 

Lead singer, Tyler Joseph, on the sky walk that came down to meet the crowd at The Enterprise Center in St.  Louis. 
Photo by Chrissy Arvin.

The middle part of the show brought the pair to a secondary stage in the middle of the arena floor. Tyler walked over the crowd while Josh was escorted by security through the people. The show got very intimate, with a spectacular view of the Ohio duo facing one another in their bright yellow blazers belting out tunes including, Neon Gravestones and Bandito

This show will absolutely not disappoint any true fan of Twenty Øne PilØts. Memories are to be made on any night as epic as this. Be sure to purchase the new album, Trench, and get yourself out to the closest city (or cities! Go all the way!) during this tour. I care what you think.

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